Sea Tour 15-R by Dave Gentry (US)


Dave, from Bellingham, Washington displays his Sea Tour 15-R folder. Build time was less than three weeks spread over a 1.5 year period.


Dave’s Sea Tour 15-R uses an aft deck zipper with velcroed flap for skin removal.

Sea Tour 17-R by Tom Scheckel (US)


Tom, from Chicago, Illinois built his Sea Tour 17-R folding kayak over the winter and has been enjoying it since spring. Tom reports…It tracks great, is lightweight and very quick. I love it!…” The kayak incorporates “arched” inwales, aluminum stem plates, cedar plank flooring, and a PVC skin.

Tom plays drums in the 60’s group “The Buckinghams” so the insignia on his kayak is the spindle from a 45 record.