Sea Tour 15-R by Dave Gentry (US)


Dave, from Bellingham, Washington displays his Sea Tour 15-R folder. Build time was less than three weeks spread over a 1.5 year period.


Dave’s Sea Tour 15-R uses an aft deck zipper with velcroed flap for skin removal.

Sea Tour 15 by Oleg Volvenko (AR)


Oleg, a Russian now living in La Plata, Argentina paddles his Sea Tour 15 folder. He reports that the design is very stable, and it cost $210.00US to build.


More pics Of Oleg’s Sea Tour 15

Sea Tour 15 by Prasad Bhatla (NZ)


Prasad, from Auckland, New Zealand dislays his Sea Tour 15-R ( stretched to 16 feet).

Sea Tour 15EXP by Romain Berard (CN)


Romain Berard from Beijing, China has completed a Sea Tour 15EXP. The multi-chine wood frame is skinned with PVC


Romain’s Sea Tour 15EXP frame before skinning.