Sea Pup Offsets


NOTE: There is no peaked deckridge at Cross sections 1, 4, 5, and 6 as the deck is flat topped at those sections. Only Cross Section 2 and 3 are peaked.

The curvature/Slope that appears to be a peaked deck, is actually the gunwale (sheer) slope. The offset drawing states “Gunwale” in green print.” , but that is not to be confused with a peaked deck. The deckridge on sections 1, 4, 5, amd 6 are the same height as the gunwale height ( HAB) so they are flat across the top.

It’s easiest to understand this when looking at the side view of the boat in the 3-View drawing above. The only cross section that is peaked is cross section 2 and 3. The deckridge begins sloping upward at section 1 and ends at section 3.

Cross Section 2 and 3 are labeled “Deckridge (Section 2 or Section 3)” on the offset drawing. The peaked section 3 has a .250 ft ( 3″) flat section on top as this is the attachment point for the front of the coaming. The back of the coaming rests on the flat topped cross section 3.