Coaming Attachment (4 of 4)

One-Piece Coaming
1. The one piece coaming base plate with 2″ wide Velcro fitted and trimmed.2. PVC is cut into 2″ – 3″ inch strips to allow wrapping the skin under the base plate. Velcro will be glued to each section and tucked under the plate for attachment. Four small holes are cut in the skin to allow machine screw access.

3. The 22″ X 16″ Coaming. Machine screws (4ea) connect to the base plate. All other screws secure lip to coaming.

4. The PVC skin is Velcro’d to bottom of the base plate. A 1/2″ foam seal is glued to the bottom of the coaming, and the coaming is bolted to the base plate.