Attaching Cross Sections 1 and 8


1. Cross sections 1 and 8 are attached to HDPE stations during frame assembly. All other cross sections are free standing. The aluminum stringers are snapped on these two stations and cross sections 2 thru 7 are snapped into place along the stringers. All of the aluminum tubes have equal flex and will self-level between the two stations.


2. Line up the cross sections vertically using a level placed on the centerline of the strongback. Use only one of the two deck screws at this point.


3. Level the cross sections horizontally and secure the second deck screw. Sea Ranger cross sections 1 and 8 are attached to the stations at the same height. In this instance, the height from the top of the strongback (0″ baseline) to the bottom of the keel tube is 4 inches. The offsets call for a height of 1 inch at both sections 1 and 8.


4. Cross section 8 is attached at 4″ above the strongback to match the height of cross section 1.


5. The keel low point (0″) is 8.5ft from the bow. Since the lowest point is 1 inch below sections 1 and 8, the keel is secured at 3 inches above the strongback (baseline) during construction to maintain the designed rocker.