The “Wood Frame Kayak Builders Manual” was written to provide builders with wood frame kayaks designed for good performance, ease of construction, and low cost. All folding kayaks in the “Folding Kayak Builders Manual” can be constructed as wood frame non-folders. Look at the “Gallery” of the wood frame manual to see many of the folding designs built this way. All designs, all plans, and all instructions in this manual are “free”. Many of the designs are based on traditional Inuit (Greenland) and Aleut ( Baidarka) kayaks. The boats fall into four general categories.

  1. Performance – Sea Rover, Sea Ranger, Sea Rider, Sea Raider,
    Sea Glider, Nikumi 19
  2. Touring – Sea Cruiser, Sea Tour 13,15,17, Sea Otter, Nikumi, Yarra
  3. Children / Small Paddler – Sea Flea, Sea Pup, Sea Otter
  4. Inflatables – Sonnet 16 and Sonnet 18

All designs in this manual, except inflatables, can be constructed in woodstrip/fiberglass or stitch & glue (S&G) versions, though instructions are not provided for these hardshell versions.